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Eco Burner Technology

Navien's ECO Premixed Burners dramatically reduce environmentally hazardous substances.

The premixed burner that burns with the shortest flame has dramatically reduced CO as well as NOx with the minimum use of gas and air by optimally premixing them in advance.

  • Flame of ECO Premixed
  • Flame of Lean-Rich or
    Advanced Atmospheric Burners
  • Flame of conventional
    Atmospheric Burners

Conventional water heaters emit a considerable amount of CO and NOx.

Lean-Rich (or Advanced Atmospheric) burners or conventional atmospheric burners used in conventional water heaters only check the amount of gas while using lots of air, thus emitting great amounts of global warming air pollutants such as CO or NOx.

Navien's ECO Premixed burners reduce acid rain and air pollution.

A Navien Condensing dramatically reduces the emission of air polluting gases such as NOx by about 75%.