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Global Warming Prevention

Each Navien unit installed equates to 31 mature cypress trees.

A Cypress tree
reduces 30.8 lbs
of CO2 per year.

A Navien Condensing
water heater reduces
964 lbs of CO2 per year.

964 lbs / 30.8 lbs = 31Cypress trees

A Navien Condensing water
heater decreases no less than
964 lbs of CO2 per year
compared to a conventional
tank-type water heater and
324 lbs compared to a conven-
tional tankless-type water

The outcome of installed Navien unit equals to the photosynthesis of 31 cypress trees!

Plainly, installing a condensing water heater rather than planting a tree effectively contributes to reducing CO2, a primary cause of global warming. Creating absolutely green and clean global environments for the next generation
- It's the desire of KD Navien.

Go Green! Better for You,
Better for the Environment.

Navien utilizes an ultra-efficient condensing technology,
which uses less gas resulting in a significant reduction of green
gas emissions - better for you, better for the environment.